Winter Freeze & Your Pool

Freezing temperatures & Pool Equipment generally do not mix well. If the water in your equipment is not moving, it will freeze at 32degrees. Most pool equipment systems have freeze guards. Basically, a freeze guard is a sensor that tells the equipment system to turn on at a certain temperature. Most are around 36 degrees. For a hard freeze or snow, here is one extra precaution you can take to help the pool water from freezing and causing costly damage to your equipment. Cover your equipment with blankets (any old comforters or thick blankets). Make sure NOT to cover the exhaust of the heater, some systems have the heater come on in cold weather. DO cover all pipes, pumps, & filters. You want to create a cocoon of sorts over the equipment, trapping the warmth from the ground & the warmth off the motors. Be prepared for Winter. I have seen this precaution save pool owners thousands of dollars in costly repairs. Best Regards, Lance Ainsworth readmore

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19 December 17

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Fall is here!

Fall is here!! Now is the time to check the freeze guard on your pool equipment. This preventive maintenance can save you $100s even $1000s of dollars worth of costly repairs during a hard freeze this winter. The best part is, in most cases, it is relatively easy! All you need is a cup of ice. At most equipment control service boxes there is a temperature sensor hanging under on the outside of the control service box . If you do not see one, then most likely it is inside the control box. We DO NOT recommend you remove the face plates on any control service box to locate the temperature sensor. Here is a picture of the two most common types of temperature sensors. First Step: make sure the pool equipment is not running. Second Step: to test the freeze guard place the temperature sensor in the cup of ice or hold a piece of ice on the sensor. If the freeze guard is working, the equipment will come on within 2 to 3 min. If it does not, it is time to have it check by a pool professional. If you have any questions or the freeze guard is not working, feel free to contact us. 972-948-6804. readmore

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5 October 15

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Tips For Selecting A Pool Service

A pool is a beautiful thing to have in a backyard, but it is a high maintenance type of addition to any residential or commercial property. While there are ways to complete your own pool maintenance and some basic repairs, it is much easier and more cost effective to hire a quality pool service. There are a few different things to consider when selecting the professionals to care for your pool. Taking the time to get the right company will allow you to have trust and confidence in their work while you get to enjoy the benefits of a beautifully maintained pool. Reputation in the Pool Industry Experience and reputation for pool service companies is an important factor to consider. With experience in working with different models and types of pools comes a more comprehensive service package. A pool company’s reputation is easy to find today. You can ask neighbors and friends, of course, but you can also do some looking around online. Look at the comments and read what real customers have experienced. When you see a pattern of positive comments from people using the service both for a first time as well as for ongoing services you know you have found a great company. Services Offered There are […] readmore

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8 May 15

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The Most Common Pool Repairs And What To Watch For

When you own a swimming pool of any style, knowing the early signs you may need pool repairs, as well as indicators of potential problems, can be a real cost saving consideration. With any type of pool, there are a number of problem areas anyone can learn to check on a regular basis. Like most things in the home, your pool will provide signs and signals of impending problems in most cases. The key is to recognizing these early indicators and get a pool service and pool repair company involved. Of course, if you have regular pool service and maintenance scheduled the pool technician may notice the problem before you do, giving you the heads up to the potential problem. Lining Problems One of the most common structural repairs facing pool owners is tears and rips in the lining. This can occur as the lining ages and becomes less resistant to impact, but it can also occur because of sharp objects in the pool. When you have children, tears in the lining of pools are more common as kids are more likely to take objects into the pool that may cause damage. Small tears are easiest to fix so early repair is a good way to save on the overall […] readmore

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2 May 15

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Ideas For Pool Remodels

Having a beautiful pool area in a home not only gives you a place to relax and have fun, but it also adds value to your home. However, pool styles can become outdated, which may not provide the same level of enjoyment or value as an updated pool can. Making the decision to opt for a pool remodel starts with choosing a theme or design. This doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated, but you should know the look or the overall effect you want to see in your yard area. For newer pool designs, it isn’t uncommon to include outdoor living spaces that may be more like a patio with seating areas and even outdoor cooking spaces. It is important to realize pool remodels don’t have to be expensive and can be done to accommodate almost any homeowner’s budget. The key is to planning in advance and working with a remodeling company that understands your requirements and can find the material and the options to give you the pool area you want at the price you can afford. Resurfacing One option to consider for pool remodels is to not rip up the entire pool deck and area and completely revamp everything, but rather to resurface. This can include using […] readmore

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2 May 15

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