Ideas For Pool Remodels

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Ideas For Pool Remodels

Having a beautiful pool area in a home not only gives you a place to relax and have fun, but it also adds value to your home. However, pool styles can become outdated, which may not provide the same level of enjoyment or value as an updated pool can.

Making the decision to opt for a pool remodel starts with choosing a theme or design. This doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated, but you should know the look or the overall effect you want to see in your yard area. For newer pool designs, it isn’t uncommon to include outdoor living spaces that may be more like a patio with seating areas and even outdoor cooking spaces.

It is important to realize pool remodels don’t have to be expensive and can be done to accommodate almost any homeowner’s budget. The key is to planning in advance and working with a remodeling company that understands your requirements and can find the material and the options to give you the pool area you want at the price you can afford.


One option to consider for pool remodels is to not rip up the entire pool deck and area and completely revamp everything, but rather to resurface. This can include using pavers and coping the rounded end around the pool. This gives a very natural and classic look to any deck and pool area.

By simply resurfacing or building over the top of the existing pool deck, you save the cost of ripping out the old decking and having it removed. With options from travertine to marble or even wood or man-made materials, you can create the look you want.


Making a careful decision on the colors you choose in your pool remodels will have a bit impact on how long they stay in style. Today, natural stone and earthy colors are the most popular options, but they are also classic and timeless.

One way to avoid dating the pool deck, lining or the patio area is to avoid the trendy colors. Just like that avocado green or harvest gold dates appliances and fixtures, classic colors such as tans, ivory, black and white and even natural stone looks stay in style for decades.

The most important thing to consider when selecting options for pool remodels is the cost and your budget. By working with a top company, you will have expert service and the best pricing, ensuring your project comes in at or under the quoted price.

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2 May 15

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